24/04/2017 Activity Figures as at 31 March 2017

20/01/2017 Activity Figures as at 31.12.2016

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Tunis re figures / Turnover / By zone

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The total 2015 written premiums amounted to 100.586 MDT against 97.634 MDT in 2015, recording an evolution of 3%. The 2015 Turnover represents 98% of the objectives fixed in the business plan for 2015. It is noted that the 2015 turnover takes account of 6.575 Million TND in respect of the Retakaful activity against 4.331 Million TND in 2014, up by 52%.

The evolution of Tunis Re written premiums over the past five years has been significant, from 70.520 MTD in 2011 to 97.634 MTD in 2014 to 100.586 MTD in 2015 representing an average increase of 6.6%.

By nature of business, treaty acceptances have a share of 65% against 62% a year earlier and facultative business present 35% of total turnover against 38% in 2014, reflecting an increasingly dynamic strategy of portfolio diversification.

The turnover from Treaty acceptances has increased from 44.540 in 2011 to 65.608 MTD in 2015 showing an average improvement of 9%, following a well-focused commercial effort.

The breakdown of treaty business by Zone: Tunisia 33.945 MTD and Foreign business 31,663 MTD representing 52% and 48% in the same level of that expected in 2015 budget.

The turnover from facultative business rose from 25.980 MTD in 2011 to 31.049 MTD in 2013 and 34.978 MTD in 2015 registering therefore an average increase of 3.4%. This progress resulted from the increase in the underwriting capacity on the one hand and the effort deployed to develop the facultative portfolio on the other hand.

The breakdown of facultative turnover by zone is influenced by the structure of Tunisian acceptances representing 82.3% of total facultative turnover for a budgeted structure of 81.6% against 87% in 2013, which reflects a progressive penetration on foreign business and more a diversified facultative portfolio for Tunis Re.

Regarding the Retakaful activity in 2015, the branch has seen a significant expansion in turnover, marking a growth of 57% compared to 2014 to reach 6.575 MTD against 4.331 MTD in 2014, this increase concerned both the Tunisian market with an evolution of 73%, and foreign market with 44%. This activity represents significant potential for development, in 2015; several draft laws on Islamic finance governing this activity are being promulgated.


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