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The Role of the Insurance Sector in the Coverage of the Risks of Natural Disasters and Climate Chang
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Tunis Re in brief / Other Informations / Information System
Tunis Re Information System

Tunis Re created an integrated and coherent information system to manage its underwriting, retrocession and financial investments activities.
The integration of all these functions is the emerging characteristic of the system which is based on a relational data basis:

The underwriting information system available for treaty and facultative reinsurance contracts provides to underwriters a thorough analysis of the acceptances and a comprehensive information on technical accounting including retrocession activities.

Automatic entry of events affecting one or various acceptances and their real-time processing, offers to the management the possibility to monitor their evolution in order to appraise the company's commitments.


Through juxtaposing underwriting and claims data to retrocession covers' conditions, the system generates automatically Retrocession Accounts and bordereaux forms..

Finance management
The system offers a tool to follow up the investment portfolios and to monitor the cash. The information system of Tunis Re is based on a modern computer structure:

It includes a statistic base of the accepted risks in a form of a Data Warehouse offering a consolidated and homogenous vision of the results and providing an invaluable aid to the decision making and to the underwriting process control.

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