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14ème Rendez-vous de Carthage

Le Rôle du Secteur des Assurances dans la Couverture des Catastrophes Naturelles et les Changements
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Tunis Re in brief / Strategy and Vision

The Strategy of Tunis Re defines the main ways of consolidation and performance in the interest of its partners and shareholders and exposes the long term vision in order to benefit from the environment change and risks transfer.

These main ways will be reached mainly thanks to a rigorous underwriting policy oriented towards the profitability and an optimisation of all the operational management and resources allowance processes.

The strategic orientations are in close relationship with our capacity to offer favourable and advantageous services to our various partners and higher outputs to our shareholders.

 The strategic guidelines of Tunis Re are based on the following axes:

  1. Widen our presence in the target markets ·   
  2. Increase profitability ·  
  3. Develop competences and promote the organisation·
  4. Reinforce Equities

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