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The Role of the Insurance Sector in the Coverage of the Risks of Natural Disasters and Climate Chang
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Tunis Re in brief / History

In 1981 and on the initiative of authorities, was created the first national reinsurance Tunis Re in the form of a public company with the help of Tunisian banks and insurance companies , with a capital of 2.000.000 Tunisian dinar which was shared between the Tunisian State (10 %) the national insurance companies (47 %) and Tunisians banks (43 %).

The objectives of the creation of Tunis Re were:

  • The installation of a structure specialized to answer the growing needs of the insurance direct market in Tunisia
  • The increase of the retention capacity of the local market
  • The development of the business exchanges with the Arab, Maghreb, and African countries.
  • The Management of the aviation and transport national insurance pools. 

Tunis Re never benefited since its creation from legal or compulsory cessions. In a competitive context, Tunis Re carries out reinsurance operations of all natures and of all classes in Tunisia and overseas. Thanks to the combination of its know-how and an efficient management of its underwriting process, it positioned itself as a national and regional professional reinsurer.

  • Evolution of the capital The Leaders of Tunis Re

Strong of a respectable rentability, Tunis Re carried up its initial capital from 2 million Tunisian dinars at the time of its creation at an actual 100 million Tunisian dinars.
                                                                                                                                                           Million Dinars

  • The Leaders of Tunis Re
The force of firms is often that of the Men who enliven it.
Tunis Re known several leaders who by their commitments; devotion and their know-how contributed to prosperity and development of the Society.

  • The Logo of Tunis Re
Since its creation, the logo of Tunis Re knew two modifications the first time in 1995 and the second time in 2009:




 since 2009

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