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Tunis Re in brief / Mesage of the chairmain and general manager
It immensely pleases me to welcome you on our Web site. You will find information about our company, its products, services and resources

Tunisia is our main market which we master in detail. Since its creation in 1981 our company tried to diversify its acceptance portfolio geographically. It developed the knowledge and the experience allowing working under a main constraint «the expansion of the quality turnover ". We adopt a selective underwriting approach based on recognition of the size of Tunis Re.

In this vision, we examine classes of business and premiums movements of target markets. These markets are mainly eastern and western Africa, Middle East and the region of North Africa.

However in spite of a more and more rough competition and the abundance of capacities in the national and international market, Tunis Re was able to realize performances thanks to its ability to react in front of an always changing environment.

Before ending I would like to send my deep thanks to all our shareholders who, thanks to their support, Tunis Re has been able to strengthen its shareholders equities, to guarantee its commitments and to improve its position as a professional national and regional reinsurer.

I also send my warm thanks to all our partners for their confidence.

Finally I congratulate and thank all Tunis Re staff for the devotion they are showing.

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