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Tunis Re in brief / About us

Tunis Re, First National Professional Reinsurer In Tunisia

Tunis Re a limited company was incorporated in 1981 by the initiative of the public authorities with the contribution of the Tunisian banks and insurance companies.

Mrs Lamia Ben Mahmoud, Chairman and General Manager of Tunis Re, was appointed by the board of directors, during its meeting of August 11th, 2009.

The share capital of Tunis Re is fixed to one hundred million (100.000.000) Tunisian dinar, distributed as follows:
    Ø Tunisian state                                      :   5.2 %
    Ø Tunisian Insurance Companies        :  50.6 %
    Ø Tunisian Banks                                     :  24.8 %
    Ø Others                                                  :  19.4 %

The Board of Directors of Tunis Re consists of:

Chairman        : Mrs Lamia Ben Mahmoud
Administrators :
   Ø Tunisian state                                         : 2
   Ø Tunisian Insurance Companies           : 6
   Ø Tunisian Banks                                        : 2
   Ø Others                                                     : 2
Tunis Re, since its establishment, has been developing as well on the Tunisian and the overseas markets by accepting the transfers of risks of all natures and classes.

Tunis Re was entrusted the management, for the account of national market, of insurance and reinsurance Pools :

Ø Marine Hull Pool
Ø Aviation Pool
Ø Decennial Liability Pool

Tunis Re is a member of the following regional professional organizations :

Ø FTUSA : The Tunisian Insurance Federation
Ø FAIR : The Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers
Ø OAA : The African Insurance Organisation
Ø UGAA : The General Arab Insurance Federation


Tunis Re participates in the capital of the following companies :

La bourse en Direct Bourse de Tunis 2017-05-17
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